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Brightness Control & Dimmer v1.6.9 Unlocked MOD APK Download

Version: 1.6.9
Nom de l'application Brightness Control & Dimmer
Nom du paquet net.humblegames.brightnesscontroldimmer
Taille 2.46 MB
Dernière version 1.6.9
Informations sur le Mod
Date de mise à jour Wed Dec 28 2022
Hot Game

Brightness Control & Dimmer Mod APK (Unlocked) 2023 Télécharger avec Jojoy

Brightness Control & Dimmer est l'une des applications les plus populaires en ce moment, Brightness Control & Dimmer a 100K+ téléchargements sur Google Play. Brightness Control & Dimmer Mod APK (Unlocked) est une version premium de Brightness Control & Dimmer, vous pouvez utiliser toutes les fonctionnalités de Brightness Control & Dimmer sans payer ni regarder de publicités. Téléchargez Jojoy maintenant et vous pourrez découvrir gratuitement Brightness Control & Dimmer Mod APK.

Quel est le nom Brightness Control & Dimmer?

Free Android 12 ready user-friendly brightness control widget with custom brightness user levels. Dimmer / screen filter that can make your screen darker than the system’s minimum brightness level (e.g. -75%, -60%, etc.). Brightness control buttons in the notification that work even on your lock screen. Saves battery, protects your eyes. Try it out for FREE!Features● This app allows you to control brightness a lot faster and easier than the default Android system brightness settings allow.● A convenient widget with customizable brightness controls: you can assign your custom brightness levels to the quick buttons and then adjust brightness in one click.● You can configure the appearance of the brightness controls: you can show or hide UI elements as you like. Hide unnecessary brightness buttons if you need only a slider, or hide the slider and use only buttons, or use both of them.● Dimmer / screen filter / night mode: you can reduce brightness to a lower value than the default settings allow (sub zero brightness levels, e.g. -50%, -60% etc.). The semi-transparent layer is drawn over your screen to reduce brightness below zero. It will protect your eyes in a dark environment.● This app saves your battery if you have an AMOLED display. The amount of power the display consumes varies significantly depending on the colour and brightness shown. For details please see: ● Brightness controls in the notification will allow you to quickly control brightness from anywhere (even from games), just open the notification drawer. You can set your custom brightness levels for the quick buttons in the notification too.● Your can control brightness even on the lock screen (supported in android 4.2 and above). For Android 5 devices the notification brightness controls should be available on your lock screen by default. You can find instructions inside the app that explain how to enable it on pre Android 5 devices.● Action bar icon and home screen widget display your current brightness level.● Far more convenient brightness controls than Android default brightness settings.● This app will NOT block manual installation of apps (apk files). You can install any apk files that your want and this app will not cause your any problems. There are lots of dimmer (screen filter) apps in the app store that won’t allow you to install apk files because they have conflicts with the security system of Android. They all must be manually disabled to allow you to install apps from apk files and manually reenabled after the installation. This is not convenient! This app automatically disables itself when it detects that you are going to install an apk file and enables itself back after the installation is complete.● Lots of brightness control apps and widgets in the app store simply don’t adjust brightness because they are incompatible with some devices. This app uses multiple techniques to adjust brightness simultaneously and will work on the majority of the devices.● Try it out for free!RISK FREE premium upgrade: if you are unhappy with the premium upgrade you can request a refund within 7 days after the purchase via eMail - no questions asked. Give it a try!Note: It is not recommended to use multiple brightness control apps at the same time, because in this case brightness widget and brightness icon can show incorrect information.Feel free to send me an eMail at [email protected] if you have any questions, problems or suggestions.

Comment dit-on Brightness Control & Dimmer ?

Just what I needed and was looking for. I find -45 seems to be perfect for low light conditions. It's no to bright to be intrusive. And it isn't too dim to where a person in my opinion might have hard time reading content on a page or a watching video. Best one I found. Tried several others they don't campare. Because they don't offer enough customization.

Best brightness controller. Worth the money. Feature request: Could I have an option to customize the notification controller so that tapping the "sun" picture changes brightness to auto? It would make it easier to adjust brightness in strong light, as it is the most visible element in such circumstances. The optionsn functions might go where auto is today.

Qu'est-ce que le mod APK Brightness Control & Dimmer ?

Brightness Control & Dimmer Mod APK est une version premium de Brightness Control & Dimmer, dans Brightness Control & Dimmer Mod APK, vous pouvez utiliser toutes les fonctionnalités de Brightness Control & Dimmer sans dépenser d'argent ni regarder de publicités. Vous n'avez même pas besoin de passer du temps à déverrouiller l'une des quêtes, car vous êtes dans la perspective de Dieu et vous pouvez tout faire facilement. La version premium de Mod APK a différentes interprétations dans différentes applications, telles que le jeu mod apk. Vous découvrirez des pièces d'or illimitées ou des diamants illimités, ou même des niveaux illimités, vous pourrez facilement découvrir le plaisir du jeu sans aucun effort. La version avancée de Mod APK supprime les fonctionnalités de chargement dans les applications populaires et élimine de nombreux problèmes qui nécessitent de regarder des publicités à utiliser. Vous pouvez facilement utiliser la version verte et propre. Et le Brightness Control & Dimmer Mod APK est la version Unlocked, ce qui signifie que vous pouvez vivre un tel plaisir.

Qu'est-ce que Jojoy ?

Jojoy est un téléchargeur Mod APK, vous pouvez trouver toutes les applications ou mod apk de jeu que vous devez télécharger dans Jojoy. Les mods APK deviennent de plus en plus importants, et Jojoy est même devenu une alternative importante à Google play, car toutes les applications téléchargées dans jojoy peuvent être utilisées gratuitement, ce qui est plus convivial.

Comment télécharger Brightness Control & Dimmer Mod APK sur Jojoy ?

Tout d'abord, vous devez télécharger l'application jojoy sur Après l'installation, vous pouvez facilement utiliser la communauté de jeux Jojoy.

Recherchez Brightness Control & Dimmer dans la communauté du jeu jojoy, vous pouvez obtenir l'apk que vous devez télécharger. Sélectionnez la dernière version à télécharger et à installer.

Une fois installé, vous pourrez découvrir le mod Brightness Control & Dimmer sur votre téléphone, et je suis sûr que vous l'aimerez. Venez télécharger le Brightness Control & Dimmer Mod APK avec Jojoy maintenant !